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About the Practitioners

Tabitha Thurston, LMT 
OR License #19868
Cotswold Academy of Health and Beauty - Cirencester, UK - 2004 
Everest Institute - Tigard, OR - 2013 
Specializes in:  Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Clinical Aromatherapy, Pregnancy and Indian Head Massage

My approach to bodywork takes a holistic approach to treating the root cause of pain while alleviating the symptoms that accompany it.  I enjoy solving the puzzle behind the problem and working with my clients to find the best treatments for their condition.  Having trained as a Complementary Therapist in England in 2004 and as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist in 2013, I have a wide variety of tools to find the right blend of treatments.  I became a body worker because I genuinely enjoy helping people who suffer from chronic pain or other health conditions such as IBS, anxiety, depression and hormonal imbalances. I also enjoy teaching future massage therapists at Everest Institute in Tigard where I instruct Deep Tissue Massage.

In 2014, I began a new journey of studying Precision Neuromuscular Therapy and have seen impressive results when working with chronic pain and injuries.  This style of bodywork uses assessment techniques to pinpoint the cause of pain and incorporates trigger point therapy, stretching and neuromuscular therapy to obtain lasting results. 

Lacey Simone, LMT
OR License #19944

Everest Institute - Tigard, OR - 2013
Specializes in:  Integrative Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Pregnancy Massage

My favorite massage modalities are Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, and neuromuscular therapy. Stress plays a huge role in our body’s capacity to heal. Combining practices of mindfulness/meditation, exercise, and massage can have profound effects on the healing journey.

Holly Martz, LMT
OR License #20652
Everest Institute - Tigard, OR - 2014
Specializes in:  Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Jenney Seale, LMT
OR License #21226

Everest Institute - Tigard, OR - 2014
Specializes in:  Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki and Swedish

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